• Ankur: Kingdom of the Gods a 2nd Printing of an OSR-like Pulp-ish Sci-Fi RPG

    Ankur: Kingdom of the Gods By Chris MilerThis RPG is a second printing split into two books: GM and Player’s guide. It is clearly a labor of love. The game […]

  • Orcs Are Not Human

    Orcs, like many monsters in modern game design, are being depicted as human, more or less.  Ugly, tusked humans with pointed ears.  This is a mistake.  Monsters should be depicted […]

  • Abstractions…

    Some games like The Cypher System and to a lesser extent 13th Age, leave me with a feeling that something is missing. When I play or run an rpg, I […]

  • Gaming FTF vs VTT

    Back in the old days if you couldn’t meet face to face your options were few.  Play by post was it.  The game was played via the US Mail.  Technology […]

  • Movie Inspirations for Tabletop RPGs

    I have been gaming for 41 years.  I have also been watching fantasy movies for nearly as long.  One of the earliest was Wizard of Oz and lately, well the […]

  • Roleplaying?

    Roleplaying… Roleplaying is NOT a novel.  Novels serve many functions, primarily to tell a story.  Sometimes they are pure escapism and entertainment.  Many times they serve to topics important to […]

  • Welcome to Biggus Geekus

    Hello and welcome to our new podcast and blog site. Biggus Geekus is where Randy and I talk about tabletop roleplaying games with an emphasis on Dungeons and Dragons. We also talk about gaming news we find interesting, game design and worldbuilding. Our tone is unapologetically not politically correct and we hope that you like this as well.

Things we like: