D&D Lessons You wish you’d learned earlier

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
D&D Lessons You wish you’d learned earlier

Episode 93 Streamed Live Tuesday June 21, 2022

Geek Culture

  1. Satine Phoenix & her husband
  2. DnD In A Castle And Venger’s response
  3. RDD @ UK Game EXPO
  4. Venger Con 2022 (7/22-7/24)

Main Topic: D&D Lessons You wish you’d learned earlier

  1. DM’s Perspective
    • It’s not a competition
    • Play by the rules before you decide to house rule/homebrew
    • It’s more than just combat
    • Let the players be heroes
    • Prep less/game more
    • It’s more about the players than the game
    • Don’t lose confidence
    • Learn to be open to a bigger table
    • Prep efficiently
  2. Player’s Perspective
    • It’s not just about my character
    • Help the DM
    • Help other player’s characters be cool
    • Do what is expected sometimes
    • Be helpful but not pushy
    • Know at least enough to run your character
    • Relax and have a good time
  3. General Perspective
    • Know thyself: do not waste time on the new shiny if it isn’t in your wheelhouse.
    • Discern want vs need (and can/will use) in purchases
    • Be willing to try a variety of RPG’s
    • Consider Alternate Locations/Variations
    • Cultivate your group
    • Don’t be quick to get rid of books

1 Random Question

How do you handle RPG nostalgia?

Theater of the Mind vs Total grid/minis focused play.

Pros & Cons to using miniatures.

  • Pro: Aids in visualization and imagination
  • Con: Can be a pain to put on the table, expensive, take up space

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