Five More Cool RPGs That Are Not Dungeons and Dragons

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Five More Cool RPGs That Are Not Dungeons and Dragons

Episode 95 Streamed Live Tuesday July 5, 2022

Main Topic: 5 Other Non-D&D RPGs to play

These are not D&D, the play experience is different.

  1. Savage Worlds
    1. Great for the time-challenged: This is a game that is easy to understand and get to playing in no time.
    2. Cheap barrier to entry. One book is all that is needed. pdf 10 bucks, hardback 40
    3. Plays fast: target number is generally 4
    4. The dice explosion mechanic is fun
    5. Very deadly, fighting is to be approached with care
  2. Dungeon Crawl Classics
    1. Though superficially like BX D&D, it has different table experience.
    2. Spells have a very wide array of effects, each having its own random table.
    3. Character creation is fast and can be interesting with The Funnel.
    4. Has a more Gonzo sword and sorcery vibe than D&D given the randomness of spells, fumbles, and crits.
  3. Legend of the Five Rings
    1. May make wokeskolds irate “because reasons”. Be exotic.
    2. The exotic Roll and keep is a favorite dice mechanic of mine.
    3. Combat thought exotic is deadly, approach with caution and use stealth or diplomacy when possible.
    4. Has a lore that is very exotic in tone and is well thought out.
    5. Very different play experience from D&D, some would call it … exotic
  4. Mage The Ascension
    1. This more of a wish to play. Especially if the more emo elements are removed. H/T to Heathendog at Legion of Myth
    2. World of Darkness has some stark tonal differences to many other RPG. Its dark man.
    3. Freeform magic is always attractive to as a long time D&D wizard player.
  5. Heroes Unlimited
    1. I love a supers game. I like Paladium. Seems like a good fit.
    2. Paladium’s system will feel familiar to D&D players, but different at the same time.
    3. This is another “would like to play” rather than a true recommendation.
    4. Like all Paladium’s games, it is a self-contained game but can be used with their other
    5. offerings. It has it’s own lore, just enough to get you going. You can easily make it your own.


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