OSR, Old School, and the DnD divide with Legacy Game Mastering

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
OSR, Old School, and the DnD divide with Legacy Game Mastering

Episode 96 Streamed Live Tuesday July 12, 2022

Main Topic: OSR, Old School and the DnD divide with The Legacy GM

We discuss many aspects of “Old School” or OSR gaming. Legacy GM (LGM) discusses his favorite games and gaming style. We go over some potential differences between OSR games and Old School feel. LGM talks about getting younger folks into older style games.

Then we discuss the, largely, sociopolitical divide in the hobby. We try to figure out why it is so stark a divide. Also, we discuss what we feel the essence of the divide is and take swipes at post modernism. We agree that likely the only way to bridge the gap is to set a good example of being accepting of the folks we are accused of hating but concede that it will only be a few of them we can hope to convince.

Segment #2: Like it Love it, or Leave it
TSR (the original company-version 1.0) – Love
Psionics in D&D – Like
Movie Reboots – Leave

Contest of Champions-Finally!
We’ve hit 250+. Now the give-away, you get to choose ONE

1) Feng Shui 2 by Robin D Laws
2) Traps & Treachery d20 book (sticker on cover) by FFG
3) Rackham Vale: Fantasy Adventures from the Art of Arthur Rackham (OSE related)

How are we doing it? To Be Announced.

Geek Culture

1.Call-ins/emails: Will have a whole show dedicated to the backlog. Likely next week. (7/19)
2. Steve Jackson Games: http://www.sjgames.com/ill/archive/July_08_2022/Roe_v_Wade
Venger Satanis: https://youtu.be/P-JS7o1EFEI

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