Giveaway Contest

Welcome to the Biggus Geekus Giveaway and Listener Drive Contest!

Update September 21, 2021

A new prize to be given away to a random user when we reach 50 YouTube Subscribers:

The Lucky Winner will receive ONE of the following:
Out of the Abyss for 5e, Codex Infernus for Savage Worlds, or Maximum XCrawl (Pathfinder 1e version)

We Currently have 48 subscribers! Only 2 to go! Remember to submit your email as well here to be eligible for this giveaway!

The Contest Kicks off on Episode 50 with a lucky random listener randomly selected to receive the following prizes:

Feng Shui 2


Layrinth Lord Companion


Waterdeep Dragon Heist


A Mystery Item!

After that, when our YouTube subscriptions reach 100 we will have another giveaway to be determined. This will continue at intervals also to be determined .

To enter Click Here to give us your email. Then head over to YouTube and subscribe.

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