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Hello and welcome to our new podcast and blog site. Biggus Geekus is where Randy and I talk about tabletop roleplaying games with an emphasis on Dungeons and Dragons. We also talk about gaming news we find interesting, game design and worldbuilding. Our tone is unapologetically not politically correct and we hope that you like this as well.

I stepped into the RPG hobby in the summer of 1980. I was 13 and had met Randy not long before. I gravitated to wizards early on having already read many fantasy stories, my favorite at the time being the Magician series by Raymond E. Feist. It was great fun and I spent many hours and days of my youth pursuing adventure of the fictional sort.

My beloved game and hobby has changed much over the intervening years much of it I have liked and much I could consign to the depths of the abyss. I have seen the “woke” mod take hold and fairly dominate the ink on the page and voices in media, particularly in podcasting. One can hardly find a podcast without mention of the “X card”, or being inclusive (as if the hobby wasn’t already).

So I stopped lamenting this sad state, and decided to podcast myself. It so happened that my best friend Randy had this same idea and with encouragement from our wives, we began Biggus Geekus (a play on a Monty Python routine). So far we have had false starts and many technical difficulties, but here we are! We would like you to join us on this real world Adventure!

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