Cultivating a Game Group & Fantastic Locations

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Cultivating a Game Group & Fantastic Locations

Episode 89 Streamed Live, Thursday May 24, 2022

Random Geek-itude
1. Call-ins/emails: John and Taylor
2. Warner Bros does something right:
3. DC Fails again:
4. Demogorgon mini to be released:

Main Topic: Part One – Cultivating a Gaming Group
Should every player play in every game?
Choosing the right players: setting & system preferences or limitations, RP level, action level, exploration level
Playing with random players- game store, internet, or message board
When to bow out?

Main Topic: Part 2 – Setting up Fantastic Locations & Situations
The idea: something exotic, interesting, challenging
How important is it to make a location fantastic?
Show the mundane consistently to accentuate the fantastic
How can you generate these neat ideas? Movies, comics, books, paintings/pics (internet), modules/adventures
How important is it to most games that you have these places?
How do you place such ideas in a world trying to maintain some verisimilitude?

Examples …

One Page Dungeons:

Random Question: Do you ever see yourself not playing TTRPGs?

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