Monster Mash Pt. 1: Corporeal Undead

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Monster Mash Pt. 1: Corporeal Undead

Episode 82 April 5, 2022

Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
1. Call ins and emails – John Alan Large and his wife Hannah
2. Paizo to create a 5e conversion of an AP:
3. Christ a mutant? Tread carefully?

Main Topic: Monster Mash – Corporeal Undead
Definion (1):
*Defintion (2):
*Undead:An undead is a being in mythology, legend or fiction that is deceased yet behave as if alive

The Undead we are discussing: skeletons(S) & zombies(Z), ghouls(G1) & ghasts(G2), wights(W) & vampires,(V) liches(L),n Death Knight (DK), and mummies(M).

1. First appearance in DnD
What are the basic and most long enduring powers of each of those listed?
Ecology & Influence of Corporeal Undead in a campaign world
4. Some examplesof our best uses of these creatures or experiences encountering these when playing a character
5. Alternate Takes on Corporeal Undead
Ranking Undead amongst the other monsters of fantasy.

Segment #3: Level Drain, Yes or No?
Effects that take away experience levels. Are there any other games besides DnD that does something like this (removes character advancement from a PC after a monster “attack”)?

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