Monster Mash Overview: Monsters in your DnD Game

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Biggus Geekus Podcast
Monster Mash Overview: Monsters in your DnD Game

Episode 81 March 29, 2022

Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
1. Cancel culture has no allies:
2. Competitive DnD:

Monster Mash #1 (introduction) – SHOUT out to Red Dice Diariesfor the idea!
We hope to discuss the following:

1) Its first appearance in DnD books
2) Its most common characteristics & powers throughout the editions.
3) Ecology & influence of monster in the campaign world.
4.) How best to use them?
5.) Our favorite examples of how we have and continue to use them in our own games.
6.) Mythological etymology
7.) Rank from 10 all the way up to #1

Some Possible Candidates:

The Tarrasque
Orcs & Goblinkin
Demons & Devils
Mind Flayers
And Many More

WHEN IS IT OK TO TPK? Total party Kill (wipe,etc): when the adventure ends due to every PC being Killed.
1. Why do they happen? Whose fault? Player or Gm? Or the game itself? Bad dice rolls, bad player decisions, bad adventure design,
2. Consequences of TPK’’s:

Negative– possible campaign ending, player frustration, loss of motivation to play
Positive– learn more about the game, starting a new campaign is invigorating, chance to try out a new character type/class/build

3. Can TPK’s be used to teach lessons (both to Players and DMs)? Practical example to be given (from *Saturday 3/28/22)
4. What are some of your own memories of TPK’s? Good, bad, or ugly

1 Random Question: When should you kick a player out of your group, and whose job is it?

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