Default DnD Assumptions

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Default DnD Assumptions

Episode 79 Tuesday March 15, 2022

Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
1. Call ins and emails
2. Congratulations on birth of son of Taylor from Cleric’s wear Ringmail podcast.
3. DC’s Days are numbered?
4. A Set of Faerie Dragons to celebrate pride week, hmmm
5. Set of kobolds- you decide which is the better deal: WizKids or ebay
6. Dragonlance on the horizon?

Default DnD Assumptions
What is DnD?

When we sit down to play DnD what assumptions do we have from both the DM and Player sides of the screen? If these assumptions are not met when, if at all, does it start to seem like it is NOT DnD.

Is DnD generic Fantasy?
I. Character types/classes, alignment, levels, xp, treasure, world expectations, monsters, combat, spells & magic, types of adventures, , other?
II. OD&D, BECMI, and AD+D 1e or 2e
III. 3.x and onward (WoTC DnD)
IV. OSR in general

Gaming on the Cheap: How can you save money these days and still game?
Drop the peripheral stuff: minis, maps, cards, extra dice,etc
Buy only core books and create your own stuff
Play games that are free and available online such as 5e basic game or any other free starter set and extrapolate yourself.
Buy pdfs of books not hard copies.
Play online…saves gas money
Play longer, but less frequent sessions.

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