Death and Taxes with T-Shirted Historian

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Death and Taxes with T-Shirted Historian

Episode 76 Tuesday February 22, 2022

Welcome to T-shirted Historian!
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Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
1. Call-ins/emails
2. I’m now sworn to Sunsworn!

Main Topic: Death and Taxes
1. PC Death
a. Which system simulates death in a way you prefer? Your favorite?
b. When should death occur? At 0 HP, 4 wounds, -10 HP etc, death saves or just knocked out of the scene
c. How hard should it be to die? Campaign tone, character creation time investment
d. Save or die powers/spells? One roll vs many rolls, auto death vs lots of damage which might or might not cause death
e. Is there such a thing as too many hit points, too high defenses, or too high bonuses to saving throws?

2. Fudging dice rolls? Do you or do you not?
a. To save pcs
b. To save the BBEG/your story
c. To make the fight more interesting
d. TPK or No TPK

Food for Thought: Edition Wars and Gatekeeping- thought provoking video from the Waspinator:

What Happened Last Time
1-shot: Rippers (Savage Worlds) “The Third Hand of Kali”: Dropped someone’s PC in the first attack of the first encounter of the night. PC out…nearly dead!

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