The 3 R’s: Renounce, Ridicule and Replace

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
The 3 R’s: Renounce, Ridicule and Replace

Episode 75 Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Main Topic: Renounce, Ridicule and Replace
1.) Vanity Fair calls critics trolls:
2.) Venger calls for DnD insurrection of some sort:
3.) The Waspinator:
4.) For Canon’s Sake–1DqF-8
5.) Nerdrotic

All these speak to something serious for TTRPG gamers and nerds and reasonable folk alike- we need to stop funding this nonsense.

Buying old TSR stuff from WoTC
Should we (Biggus Geekus/Joe & Randy) encourage this attitude?
Should we proselytize like E.July ?
What about the OSR?
How do we resist the allure of these properties?

Make fun of the IDEAS not the regular people.
Ridicule the people that make themselves open for it.

With what?
Do we need to try to compete with the 800lb gorilla in the room?
Do we focus on just finding a customer base?
Who is on the short list of creatives?

A Cabin Con Moment
Time to get pumped up. It is less than one month to payment deadline about and less than 3 months to the main event. What’s your plans? What are you running?

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