The Right Game for the Right Job

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Biggus Geekus Podcast
The Right Game for the Right Job

Episode 67 Tuesday, December 21,2021

Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
1. Call ins and emails: No Call ins and 1 email
2. RPGPundit discussion on what’s wrong with most 5e players and really the big difference between story games and RPGs:
3. More on the Lore deletion from WOTC

Main Topic: The Right Game for the Right Job
1. Which system is the right one?
2. One system to rule them all? Should you choose a system designed for a specific type of game over a game you are familiar with and just try to manipulate it to make it “work”? Does it just “depend” or do you have strong preference one way or the other?
3. Have you ever thought a game would be better served by a different system?
4. Have you ever played a hacked version of game to run a style which the rules didn’t cover?
5. Are generic systems the solution? They cover all genres, right? Go GURPS, HERO SYSTEM or Savage Worlds! Do these systems struggle doing some genres well?
6. Do the physical components or design of mechanics fit certain ideas better? d20, dice pools, percentile only, etc.

Gaming Wishes– wherein we wax fondly of the possibilities
1. If you could, what non-RPG game would you like to play that you don’t seem to ever get to
2. What RPG would you like to GM though you never seem to get to
3. What RPG would you like to play take part in as a player, but never seem to get to

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