Potpourri with Patrick: A Special Wizard Analysis Edition

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Potpourri with Patrick: A Special Wizard Analysis Edition

Potpourri with Patrick Special Edition – Class Analysis: The Wizard

Episode 63 Tuesday, November 23,2021
See what Patrick is up to at: www.pointyhat.games buy his stuff especially Elemental Conflux!

Main Topic: Class Analysis: The Wizard
Wizard defined: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/wizard
1.) Throughout DnD Editions
OD+D: The Magic User is described as the most powerful characters in the game
BECMI: The Magic User is a ‘human’ character, fears damage
AD+D 1e: Mentions that MU’s need high intelligence
AD+D2e: Wizard Group: mages & specialists
3.x: NOW FORMALLY CALLED WIZARDS – cautious adventurers
4e: powers and stuff, Balance attempted
5e: Cantrips be bad, Balance attempted

2.) Item creation: potions, scrolls and permanent items through the editions.
3.) Has any edition of DnD gotten the Wizard right?
4.) How do Wizards compare in other games?

Playing in the Mud: We discuss Wizard design considerations for Mudsword.

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