Is the DM Just a Player?

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Biggus Geekus Podcast
Is the DM Just a Player?

Episode 61 November 9,2021

 Call ins & Emails from the Outlands

 Contest of Champions Previous winner has been awarded and new offerings TBD

Call ins/emails:
Taylor from Cleric Wear Ringmail
Jason from Nerds RPG Variety Cast
John from Red Dice Diaries

No New Emails

Other News
Heroquest is coming
Lolth is coming:
Gygax and Arneon minis:
They are on the cover of Jon Pederson’s new book:
Battle for Beyond:

Main Topic: Is the DM just a player?

The DM: With Great Power comes great responsibility:
Setting the rules and tone of your campaign and time investment
What if DM is an improv DM does he deserve less POWER/control?
The art of saying NO: when if ever should a DM say NO
The art of “Yes, but” or “Yes and”
When is too much DM power/control good and when is it bad?
How to reign in a power mad DM?

The Player & Player agency
Where do/should players have autonomy?
How & when to reign in players and their characters?

Edition Wars
Pre-3rd ed DnD: DM was rules arbiter and final decision maker as to what was in his campaign
3.X: more rules codification leads to a “feeling” that DM was bound by rules/handcuffed

Not sure where about 4e and 5e: is there more or less freedom for the DM?

Don’t be a dick
The golden rule is the solution, but a lot of folks feel entitled on both sides of the screen. What is there to be done about that?
What if you are not pals to start with? ONLINE, game store, con or new game group?
Horror stories and particularly good stories to share???

Like it, Love it or Leave it

Playing in the Mud:
Last session, is the current iteration of rules fun?
Do PCs need more things they can “do”/abilities?

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