How High is too High to Play?

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
How High is too High to Play?

Episode 59 Tuesday October 26,2021

Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
Call-ins from: Jason, Taylor and John Allan Large
Interesting article: Arneson’s Hit Points for Characters
Contest of Champions #2
Wizard Tower Games “Controversy”

Main Topic: How High is Too High to Play?
1.) Preparing for High level while playing low or mid-levels: Plant the seeds
2.) Understanding the characters: wizards v fighters v clerics v rogues
3.) Understanding the limitations of the rules: Usually No Official rules beyond level 20
4.) Understanding the limitations of players: how bad do you want it?
5.) Understanding the motivations of your PC: It’s time for my close-up Mr. DeVille!
6.) Understanding the Power of Magic: He who casts Time Stop first, wins!
7.) Understanding High level foes and challenges: It cannot be the Tarrasque every week!
8.) Differences at high level depending on Editions
9.) Other Fantasy Games at high levels: Savage Worlds, 13th age, Warhammer, others

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The 7 Spheres Campaign: A Case Study (Homebrew/House Rule?)

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