It’s Time to Level Up!

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
It’s Time to Level Up!

Episode 58 Tuesday October 19, 2021
Call ins & Emails from the Outlands

1.) Call-ins & Emails
2.) Truth, Justice and … eh whatever:
3.) Contest of Champions #2– how goes it?
4.) THAC0 the clown

Main Topic: It’s Time to Level Up! definition”: To “level” or “level up” means to gain enough XP to reach the next level.

Character Improvement/Advancement
What should “leveling up” mean practically?
Is it necessary?
What should it look like going from level 1 to level 2, or Novice to Seasoned?
Should there be a cap on advancement?

Pacing and Types of Advancement
Should you level in big chunks, small bits or incrementally and steady?
Should you use XP Charts such as classic DnD?
Incremental advances?
Milestones: DM caveat/fiat or when the story requires/allows it?
When your PC uses their skills?

Fail Example- Dungeon World:
Success Example: Call of Cthulhu

GAMES with No Advancement
I would assume most TRAD games use some sort of advancement, but would games with no advancement be any fun/interest?

Elysium Connection: what about the small band of levels…6-10?

Like it Love it or Leave it

Playing in the Mud: wherein we discuss our progress and experiments with the OSR and our quest for a better DnD game- Mudsword the RPG
We played on Saturday…2ndlevel. Tested Saving throws (used ability mods). Joe’s PC failed a poison save (slow death…worked out narratively a way to save him). Not sure how I feel about it.

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One Reply to “It’s Time to Level Up!”

  1. DM Dastardly Dad

    Woot! I’m famous!!

    I’m a big fan of Talislanta ( which has no levels. Experience is used to increase skills and attributes to a limit. Your HP does not increase, so a good hit could mean instant death at any time.

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