Bringing Your World to Life

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Biggus Geekus Podcast
Bringing Your World to Life

Episode 56 Friday October 8 ,2021

Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
John from Red Dice Diaries
Jason from The Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast

News from the Silence (news from Silent Josh):
1.) Juiblex Figure
2.) Superman’s Boyfriend?
3.) Metric System in DnD?
7.) Legion of Myth: gatekeepers Episode 1:
8.) Critical role makes the bucks:

Main Topic: Bringing your world to Life (sparking interest longevity and enjoyment at the table for your campaign)

1. Gather people who can commit and want to play the game you are running
2. Let them play what they want within the framework of the world.
3. Share Spotlight Time
4. Watch to see what is most interesting to each player
5. Make the PCs the stars

1. Create cool and hate-able villains
2. Create interesting/exotic locations
3. Create memorable NPCs
4. Create challenging opponents (monsters)
5. Every so often, try to surprise the players
6. Make sure any rules changes are stated up-front

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Playing in the Mud:
Joe didn’t get to play in the mud, but Randy did. Had 2 experienced Mud-sword wielders and 3 newbs Thursday night. Here is Randy’s report on undead/turning and Spell Saves.

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