OOC Player Choices, FrogGate, DnD 5e is Flawed?

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
OOC Player Choices, FrogGate, DnD 5e is Flawed?

Episode 54 Wednesday September 20, 2021

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Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
Call Ins: Jason of Nerd’s RPG variety Cast and John of The Red Dice Diaries

Contest of Champions 2: Out of the Abyss (5e DnD hardback), Codex Infernus (Savage Worlds guide to Hell), or Maximum XCrawl (PF 1e version of X-Crawl)

Game Coming up this weekend.

Gen Con:
GenCon 2021 Report from Greg D.
Kotaku Article Requires Discussion: https://kotaku.com/d-d-5th-edition-is-deeply-flawed-so-why-not-play-somet-1847698975

Main Topic: OOC Player Choices
1) In-depth vs little planning vs No planning for PC backgrounds
2) Splitting Treasure: who gets what and when/group decision
3) Choosing a Character to play
4) Meta-game knowledge usage
5) Party leader
6) Keeping secrets/being the sneaky guy
7) Stealing from the party/self-interest or group interest

Like it, Love it or Leave it

Dig this Setting: Golarion – the world and setting for the Pathfinder RPG. Our discussion will be purely from a reference of 1st edition material.

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