Top 10 Inspirational Books For Your TTRPG

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Top 10 Inspirational Books For Your TTRPG

Episode 49 Wednesday August 18, ,2021.

Call ins and Emails
Jason of The Nerds RPG Variety Podcast
Our friend Josh shared WizKids announces sprue-based minis

The Positive Material Plane
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Main Topic: Top 10 Inspirational Books
Can we categorize them as to what RPG it best helps us with?
How do books motivate you?
Should you try to mimic Books at the table?
How about stealing the plot?
How valuable are Books for gaming research?
Do you ever read books specifically to get in the “mood” for a game/campaign?

Like it, Love it or Leave it

Dig this Setting: Eberron

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Negative Material Plane

  • MOTU response to Joe Richter- agree should see things for yourself BUT:
  • You are informed by your biases.
  • Teela may or may not be a lesbian many LGBTQ sites would disagree with you
  • Only the Gals adventure
  • Teela is an a-hole
  • Her biggest fear … She is afraid of how awesome she will be
  • Teela has no sympathy for King and Queen when they lose their only son
  • He-Man killed twice- once in EP1 and again in last episode
  • Adam is such a simp when he leaves Preternia
  • The story is all about Teela being super awesome
  • K Smith screwed the fans

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and any number of ClownfishTV videos

B.)  A friend’s daughter couldn’t listen to us. It’s ok.

C.) Tim Drake’s Robin is bi-sexual and Wolverine/JeanGrey/Cyclops in a polyamorous relationship:

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