Resource Management: Abstraction or Accounting

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Biggus Geekus Podcast
Resource Management: Abstraction or Accounting

Episode 46 Friday July 16 ,2021

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The Positive Material Plane
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Resource Management in RPGS: Abstraction vs Accounting

Systems to consider: OD+D – 5e, Savage Worlds: EX: Deadlands vs Necessary Evil, Post-Apocalyptic: Zombie Apocalypse vs RIFTS, 13th Age, others?

Why is it that “mundane” resource management (rations, fatigue) is generally seen as tedious, while “fantastic” resource management (power uses, item charges) isn’t?

Would you want to play a game where “mundane” resource management takes center stage, and is as important to the game as the “fantastic” resource management is in games like D+D? [ ]

Is resource management fun in RPGs?
Do abstract mechanics for resource management make the story hollow or less complete?
In fantasy games, is mundane resource management just a part of the game at the lowest levels?

Like it, Love it or Leave it

Dig this Setting: RIFTS
The core conceit of the setting is that dimensional rifts have opened all across Earth, letting through amazing and horrifying creatures from any possible plane of existence.

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