How Do You Roll (DnD styles)?

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
How Do You Roll (DnD styles)?

Episode 45 Wednesday July 14, 2021

Call ins & Emails

The Positive Material Plane
50th episode/YouTube subscriber contest
We played last week, Deadlands, Twitter account

How Do You Roll (DnD styles)?
The Crawls:
Dungeon, Mega-Dungeon, Hex, Point, Urban
Jaquaying the Dungeon

The Drives:
Character Driven
Plot Driven
Homebrew DM Plotted
Character driven/Pure Sandbox
GM managed: Limited Sandbox

Episodic/ Module of the Week/Month
Adventure Paths
One Shot

Like it, Love it or Leave it

Playing in the Mud
Experiment #1- the game last Thursday
Slow weapons, skill checks via backgrounds from 13th age, wizard spells, modifiers, and the one thing I studied in detail and didn’t really put in the adventure.

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The Negative Material Plane
More Call-Ins, Kickstarter, Covid Fear/Risk assessment failures

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