Top 10 Inspirational Movies for RPG Gaming

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Top 10 Inspirational Movies for RPG Gaming

Episode 43 Wednesday June 30, 2021

Call ins
Jason of Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast
Andy of Expedition to The Grizzly Peaks

The Positive Material Plane
Playing Swords & Sorcery Whitebox
Got Lion & Dragon in hardback

Main Topic: Top 10 Inspirational Movies for RPG Gaming
Joe’s List: Superman, Blade, Dune, The Holy Grail, The Dark Crystal, The Three Musketeers (1978), Iron Man, Army of Darkness, Wrath of Khan, Willow

Randy’s List: LoTR, Aliens, Princess Bride, Tombstone, Army of the Dead (Netflix), Conan, Hellboy, Star Wars, The Magnificent 7 & The Avengers

Honorable Mention: The X-men 1+2, Dog Soldiers, The Hateful 8, Blade Runner, Conan the Destroyer, The 13th Warrior, Ladyhawke, Shaun of The Dead, Near Dark, Mission Impossible, Unbreakable

Like it, Love it, or Leave it Each Host asks other Host 3 questions

Dig this Setting: X-CRAWL!!
Think Pro Wrestling, Running Man, Let’s Make a Deal, & DnD all mixed together (3e, PF1)
Currently in a Beta version using DCC rules (free download at Goodman Games: )

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