Extreme PCs

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Extreme PCs

Episode 37 May 19, 2021

Jason of Nerd’s RPG Podcast
John of The Red Dice Diaries
Taylor of the Clerics Wear Ringmail blog
Patrick of Pointy Hat Games

The Positive Material Plane
“5”: ‘Highly Recommended: Excellent, Funny, and Entertaining ‘
“1”: ‘Mouthbreathers: Their views are pretty rancid. Shame as they have some good things to say about games but they just can’t get past the whinging bitterness about their hobby being stolen’

Main Topic: Extreme PCs
1. The comparison character: Fighty -Mc Fighter Man, Mr. Wizard, Holy HealBOt, and Sneaky Thief Dude- standard template
2. Cowardly or overly cautious
3. The Lone Wolf
4. The Unique Snowflake
5. Destiny’s Child
6. The Insanely Brave

A Cabin Con Moment
CC15 debrief!
OSR love
Thanks to Patrick for videos and photos!

Dig this Setting: The Dragon Empire
Pros: highly evocative geographical, political, monstrous, & cultural features:
Cons: Almost too many extremes for one small land mass

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Why so many? He is the Czar of the OSR after all!
Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast (Jason)
Shadow of the GM (Barry)

The Negative Material Plane
Pronoun issues on DrivethruRPG
Venger Satannis & RPGPundit revisited
Roll’in Bones with Ryan Howard interview with Venger Satannis

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