The Elusive Game Balance

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Biggus Geekus Podcast
The Elusive Game Balance

Episode 36 Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Call ins

The Positive Material Plane
Cabin Con starts tomorrow. How can we rationally talk about anything else?

The Elusive Game Balance
What is Game Balance?
“a state of equilibrium between two or more elements of a game.”

1) Is it an illusion?
2) Within rules mechanics
3) Within the RP/Story part of the game
4) What does it mean for a game or mechanic to be broken
5) With your life

A Cabin Con Moment
Again, CC and balance. Elysium did we ever achieve it. Did it even matter?
Dig This Setting Planescape
Sigil the city of doors is a waystation to access to all the planes. “Listen up CLUELESS and I’ll LANN you to the CHANT of the CAGE and all the BARMY SPIVS and BLOODS you may meet out on the planes.”

Pros: made the planes playable, Sigil, the Factions, The Blood War!!!, The Cant, the unrivaled variety of the planes
Cons: The Planar CANT*, politics, shades of gray re: alignment and philosophy.

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The Negative Material Plane
Re-visit Dice Are Screaming Podcast episode: “Au Revoir OSR”
Responses by Keep off the Borderlands and Down in a Heap podcasts
Comments on Keep off the Borderlands about “bad actors” such as
Venger Satannis and RPGPundit…not sure why this is?

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