Managing the Known vs the Unknown

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Managing the Known vs the Unknown

Episode 32 Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Positive Material Plane
Call-ins (Jason Connerly, and John Alan Large)
Good news? Making games and making game systems

Managing the Known vs the Unknown
1)Player knowledge vs character knowledge
2) How does DM keep what he knows from influencing
3) How much of the campaign setting to share with the players
4) GM Screens- is all about The Known vs the Unknown
5) The Impact of Knowing vs NOT Knowing

A Cabin Con Moment
What do we know about CC15 so far? attendees, theme, games offered, Trivia Family Feud style, Biggus Geekus Youtube every night/day?

Dig this Setting – The World of Greyhawk
Discuss pros and cons, best/worst aspects, our experiences, memorable sessions/adventures/ campaigns, and rank it

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The Negative Material Plane
A.) POC Gamer/Panzer Lion requests name removed from Candlekeep Mysteries and
More Here
B.) Multiple gendered pronouns on Wizkid miniatures
C.) General annoyance of folks coming into gaming and trying to change it with social agendas/woke idiocy…especially from those who don’t even play…see RPGPUNDIT

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