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Game & Gamer Mindsets

The Positive Material Plane
Call ins: Jason of the Nerds RPG Variety Cast
3 great things about our hobby

Game & Gamer Mindsets
Def. of Mindset:a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how to interpret and respond to situations.

Games and Their Mindsets:
Dungeons and Dragons (Clones +OSR, 13th Age , Pathfinder,Warhammer, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Rolemaster)
TSR vs WOTC Dungeons and Dragons
1. Definitional Characteristics of TSR/OSR vs WOTC DnD
2. 3e and the FEEL of DnD

Savage Worlds (GURPs/Gurps-lite, Cortex System, Hero System)
RIFTS (Paranoia, Gamma World, Over the Edge)
Call of Cthulhu (Trail of Cthulhu, Alien the RPG)
Vampire and World of Darkness
Fate (other highly narrative games Dungeon World, Blades in the dark, Genesys)
Amber Diceless (Dragonlance fifth Age, Marvel Super Adventure Game)

Gamers and Their Mindsets
GM presents challenges and the PCs overcome them/GM must have balanced encounters
The world is open and dangerous … you never know what you might encounter.
GM is god in his world. His game – his rules
The GM is just a player/he is bound to the fate of the rulebook as well.
Player Agency is paramount. No railroading at all!
We’re here to play a game/run a module/play an adventure…get on the train
No restrictions on characters/all player ideas are perfectly fine and valid.
Building an elaborate back story is paramount to a good game experience.
GM is the enemy. Adversarial GM- I am trying to kill your character.
We are creating a shared story. Rule of cool only thing that matters.
PCs should only die at appropriately dramatic moments
Your character does not matter until he gets to the table.
Let’s just roll dice and kill stuff.
What is my motivation in this scene?
Balance is the key to the game.
Chaos and Randomization baby!

A Cabin Con Moment
What is your mindset at CC?

Beat This Game
3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons (2000)

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