Making High Level Play Playable (updated)

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
Making High Level Play Playable (updated)

Episode 29 Wednesday March 24, 2021

The Positive Material Plane “Something positive about TTRPGs that we have learned over the yearsWe get to be heroes!

Call-Ins & Sundry
Jason from Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast
ohn from Red Dice Diaries

Making High level Play Playable (in D & D)
1. What are the issues?
2. Why this topic? OSR friends, recent discussions on Tenkar’s Iron Rations
3. Making the campaign open to higher level play at the start.
4. Skip the temptation to make it Monty Haul.
5. Managing player expectations. Defining/Clarifying PC goals.
6. Respect, expect, and encourage the use of your PCs awesome abilities!
7. Taking breaks: You can’t save the universe every other month nor can you defeat Smaug once each summer.
8. De Planes De Planes!!!

Class/Level vs Point-Buy System is the Wrong Argument
A package of “benefits” vs You want a granular advancement without a path.

A Cabin Con Moment
High level at Cabin con. What are the moments? Was Elysium high level?

Beat This Game (in the ground)
3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons (not 3.5 nor 3.x nor Pathfinder)

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