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Potpourri with Patrick

Episode 28 Wednesday March 17, 2021

Call Ins
Our man, Jason C with some truth bombs!

Check out Iron Rations podcast from 3/12/21 Why 5e Doesn’t teach how to DM”

The Gaming NEWS:
1) 3-D Printed Minis
2) Greg Gillespia’s Barrowmaze: Dwarrowdeep
3) The Terminator RPG Kickstarter is up
4) Encyclopedia Kickstarter is live- for DM’s & 15 different cities
5) Obvious leftist article on why DnD is dropping alignment
6) “Cook”-y Monster is up to it again- The Darkest House

A Potpourri of Gaming Topics
1) Erik Tenkar on The Most influential Edition of DnD EVA!!!
2) Player & DM Expectations & The Matt Mercer Effect real or not? And is Critical Role scripted? Does it matter?
3) Downtime- oh what to do? Should we bother.
4) Minis or Theater of the Mind? Toys or no toys, that is the question.
5) Death Rules: good/bad/ugly

A Cabin Con Moment
It’s almost time. What are most looking forward to? What are we running? What Games for this year’s Con? THE T-SHIRT!!!

Beat This Game (in the ground) – Pathfinder 1e
pros and cons, best/worst mechanics, favorite sessions/campaigns/settings

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