PC Progression: Zero to Hero … OR NOT?

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
PC Progression: Zero to Hero … OR NOT?

Episode 24, Monday February 15, 2021

We do our usual intro and briefly talk about home games.

The Gaming NEWS:
Savage Pathfinder Q & A
Free League’s One Ring 2e KS good start (but read this short article)
We’re #2!! We’re #2!! …are you really?

A Mathematics Moment
We (or Randy to be honest) goes deep into the math of 5e’s advantage/disadvantage mechanic. Some reading can be found here

Main Topic: PC Progression: Zero to Hero … OR NOT?
We discuss RPG character progression (or advancement) types:
Zero-to-Hero as described at Gnome Stew
Hero to Superhero, Static and Others defined by us.

A Cabin Con Moment
We try all sorts of games at our private Con, the origin of which we detail.

Building A Better Gaming World
Zero to Hero in our game. Also Hero to Super Hero. So There!!!

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