PC Power Disparity and How to Handle it

Thursday December 3rd, 2020

We opened with our usual intro but deviated the norm to play a few messages from John of The Red Dice Diaries. These were great and we appreciate the time he took to listen and comment. Thanks John!!!

Shout outs to Tenkar’s Tavern and Roleplay Rescue as well

We went on to discuss Randy’s lack of gaming and my excess of gaming.

The Gaming News:

Clarification #1: Comparing “Free League, the company who is responsible for Alien RPG/Tales from the Loop etc.) Revolutionary League (Anarchists) vs the Free League (the Indeps).

Clarification #2: GF9 made Korean Version-WOTC’s translator OK’d it but ended up having issues as well as issues with the French translations.

1.) Pinnacle to Savage Pathfinder (and Rise of the Runelords):
2.) Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is the Beginning of ch-ch-ch-changes for D&D
3.) And more dumbness/Uggghhhh
4.) And EVEN more foolishness!
5.) WOTC to be sold…maybe???…nah…we will see
6.) Darth Vader has truly fallen
7.) Holiday gifts for your GM

PC Power Disparity And How To Handle It At The Table
Defined asa great difference”, we discuss its implications in tabletop play with Dungeons and Dragons as well as other games. We discuss its importance or lack thereof and whether, or not it is just a player issue or a system issue.

A Cabin Con Moment
Cabin Con had its own issues with disparity, we talk about that too.

Building A Better Gaming World
We determine that we at least want to acknowledge disparity when designing our game/world

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