GM & Player RANTS

Recorded Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

We open with the usual intro and talk about the next session of Savage Worlds

The Gaming NEWS
1. GaleForce 9 sues WOTC breach of contract…another one?
And another?
2. Sweet towns and taverns maps
3. Pop-up terrain
4. Mophidius (of Conan fame- 2d20 system?) shows some art from the new DUNE RPG
5. The Yawning Portal ($350 price tag…YIKES!)
6. Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything is Out

Rant Time: Frustrations with GMs and Players from the perspective of a Player and a GM
We discuss quite a few pet peeves about players and GMs. Chiefly, honesty, game mastery, and being “in the game” at the table.

A Cabin Con Moment
We discuss Cabin Con annoyances, or more accurately, the absence of them.

Building A Better Gaming World
Avoiding many setting issues, such as over development, anachronistic, features, and leaning too heavily on Tolkein.

Shameless Plug Time
Special thanks to Glen at Radio Grognard and THACO’s HAMMER podcasts for giving us a listen and a shout out. Glen gives some good advice on gaming in general and is an old school gamer. Thanks a bunch Glen!

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