Newbie GM Advice

November 19th, 2020

Intro and gaming catchup where Randy and Joe talk about their latest in person Savage Worlds Fantasy game together.

The Gaming NEWS:
1) Fun and annoyance with swords
2) New Old Survey for DnD
3) Reorg at Asmodee shuffles Star Wars mini games away from FFG
4) Free League is on Fire
5) Traveller Box Set on the Horizon
6) Blue Rose Quickstart
7) Vampire changes owner?
8) Non profit VTT
9) Nominate your fav rpg podcast

New GM Advice:
Highlights: Play with friends, keep it simple, don’t fear mistakes or modules.

Link discussed:
Don’t Prep Plots…prep situations:

A Cabin Con Moment
First time GM failures and successes

Building A Better Gaming World
Newbie friendly setting advise

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