Magic systems and Making Magic Magical

Episode 10: Magic systems and Making Magic Magical

This is Episode 10 and the date is Thursday November 12, 2020.

We had a special guest to our podcast, our good friend, fellow CabinCon attendee, and CEO of Pointy Hat Games: Patrick Demo!
Pointy Hat Games can be found here.

After our usual intro and recent gaming catch-up, Joe waxed poetic about HackMaster!

The Gaming NEWS:
1) Beginner Box for PF2
2) RPG Dice Accessories Folding Tower
3) Starfinder Bundle of Holding
4) The Terminator Quick Start Rules out next month
5) Wizkid announces 2-D miniatures for 5E
6) Black Friday DnD 5e Gift Set reduced 25%
7) Wrath of the Immortals free to download from Drivethrurpg
8) Goodman Games Castle Amber reincarnated
9) Aliens Destroyer of Worlds HC
10) Starfall: DnD 5e adventure
11) Alternity by sasquatch Games
12) Heroes of the Cypher System

The Main Topic

Part 1: Magic Systems: How we Grade Them (Good/bad/Ugly)

Various Types for of magic systems for RPGs were discussed with Vancian getting the lowest grade and Hybrid with spell points being the most popular.

Part II. Making Magic Magical

How does the setting evoke a magical feel. We discussed some ways rules can help and well as evocative descriptions.

A Cabin Con Moment

We ruminated about size and how the last one was better that some previous cons.

Building A Better Gaming World

How magic interacts with the world is vital. We discuss what we would like if we had our druthers…

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