Who Are You as a TTRPG Gamer

November 5, 2020

Intro and Our recent game together!

The Gaming NEWS:
Dungeons and Dragons Live Action Show in the works at Hasbro (Thanks to Josh Z for the tip)
Magpie Games-Urban Shadows 2e( Dresden-esque/WOD and is PbtA game)
Mutants and Masterminds 3e releases The Super team Handbook
Beadle & Grimm’s Character Chronicles
The Dungenerator Randy kicked this one.

Main topic: Who Are you as a TTRPG Gamer?

Joe and I answer a potpourri (~12 that is) of questions related to who we are as TTRPG gamers. Seeing as how we just played a session this past weekend and it seemed that everyone had fun, for the most part.

We discuss this survey: http://captainjoy.chunkyboy.com/RPGs/PlayerQuiz.html

Our Results:

Power Gamer: 25%
Butt-Kicker: 21%
Tactician: 58%
Specialist: 29%
Method Actor: 58%
Storyteller: 63%
Casual Gamer: 58%


Power Gamer: 42%
Butt-Kicker: 42%
Tactician: 50%
Specialist: 38%
Method Actor: 46%
Storyteller: 46%
Casual Gamer: 21%

We also discuss Robin Laws Gamer Styles (via ENWORLD: https://www.enworld.org/threads/what-kind-of-gamer-are-you.317745/)

Some Questions from US: Player & GM perspectives
Randy and Joe answer a baker’s dozen questions from Randy.

A Cabin Con Moment
We dare try to categorize our CabinCon crew by Robin Laws gamer styles.

Building A Better Gaming World
Where we brainstorm class roles as they pertain to game design


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