Handling PC death

“It’s Worse than That, He’s Dead Jim” (handling PC death)
October 22, 2020

The usual intro and the obligatory gaming catch-up

The Gaming News:
Hickman & Weis have sued WOTC for breach of contract
Sexism/racism accusations at WOTC recently
Nazi Dracula Must Die! Kickstarter

Main Topic: Handling PC Death
Is PC death a thing that should be at the gaming table? Sure it sucks, but is that a bad thing? How does player investment figure in? How about resurrection? How about no resurrection? Does system matter? The geeks discuss these and other points.

A Cabin Con Moment
Death In Elysium: The Milk baths (movie: Wanted with A.Jolie and J. McElvoy)
The Infamous Banshee Incident

D&D 4-EVA CR sucks! I want a world that lives and breathes and PC ‘s can choose to bite off more than they can chew if they want. I also like a fleeing mechanic.

World Building:
Tiers of Play.
Low level: gritty, life is cheap.
Mid-levels: well-known heroes of a region.
High level: world renown heroes/travelers of the world and the planes.
Should the game change at different tiers of play. Some ideas on if, why, and what.

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