The Prep Scale

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

We open with the usual intro and talk about the next session of Savage Worlds

Segment #2: The Gaming NEWS:
1. On the D&D Celebration
2 Batman Gotham City Chronicles: The Role Playing Game,

Main Topic: The Prep Scale
1. How much is too much? And how much is too little?
2. Is there a ratio for hours played vs prepped? Both in general and for you specifically?
3. What kind(specifically what items)/how much do you do when you run a game? What is your process?
4. Can players tell if a GM has prepped? If so, what are clues?
5. What Level of prep would you prefer your GM do? What do you think makes for a better game or is that even a thing?
6. Do certain genres and/or systems require more or less prep?
7. Is Low/Medium/High Prep more important than Quality vs Wasted*

A Cabin Con Moment
Covid Con Report from June 11-14, 2020
Attendance: 11 out of 23-25-ish last year
+1 Dog- Brego/tree doom

My Ultimate DnD
Wizards & spellcasting- Randy’s latest thought with credit to DungeonCraft Professor Dungeon Master for the thought…love the idea of wizards learn spells, cast all they want, at a cost

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