Campaigns vs. One Shots

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020.

This episode replaces Episode 2 from Sunday, April 5, 2020 due to it being lost.

We open with the usual intro and talk about how we are not gaming much.

The Gaming News
Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne RPG Kickstarter
BG 3 Early Access yesterday 10/6/20

Campaigns vs. One-Shots:
Campaigns and One-shot games are defined, compared and contrasted. The we say what we like about them. We express our general preference for campaigns while providing some good uses for one-shots.

A Cabin Con Moment
The end of one campaign, Elysium. Transition through another, the Black Blades. Culminating in a “West Marches” style campaign.

D.N.D. 4. EVA.(Our Magnum Opus)
Hit Points, we talk about them.

World Building
The need for the game world to be dangerous and mysterious is discussed

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