A Very Special Episode

Tuesday, October 7th, 2020

This episode replaces our lost episode from March 1. Lost because I failed to download it from Skype before it was deleted. This is one of 2 that was lost in the same manner.

We open with the usual intro and lament at the lack of gaming in our lives.

The Gaming News:
1. As the holiday season approaches GAMA has a cool charity
2. WOTC has an update to sage advice
3. Human teeth dice
4. Pelgrane to release 3 new books

Politics and Gaming
Is it needed?
2. Is it there when it seems not? (western culture tropes)
3. Must keep out modern political issues
4. Kill progressive (regressive) IDPol with FIRE!!!
5. Strong white male imagery missing
6. Skinny girl barbarian with giant sword
7. Equal representation in game text (male/female)
8. Diversity!!! The word race is problematic … somehow
9. This is tiresome.

A Cabin Con Moment: The end of an era – Elysium Destroyed.

Sling’n M.U.D.D. (My Ultimate DnD) Fighter/Wizard disparity. Is it really a problem?
Where we talk about character roles and how that could solve this disparity at design-time. Other character types are discussed.

Where we discuss mile-high design topics like points of light v/s heavy civilization, and the ratio of humans to non-humans

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In this early episode we were daft and failed to encourage our listeners to help us out.

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