Our First Time

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Opening: This is our inaugural episode attempting to tell you a little bit about how we got into RPGs and the gaming hobby as well as what we hope to cover in this podcast.

Then we discussed our progression through the editions of DnD. We then discuss other games we tried…how our play changed and what helped form it.


1) What do you recall of your first time?
2) What drew you to DnD?
3) What do you remember the most about our early games…say the first few years: BECMI through AD&D 1e
4) What other games do you recall us trying? Why do you think they never stuck?
5) Your thoughts on 2e, 3.X( Pathfinder 1e) , 4E and now 5E?
6) Your thoughts on the Editions of RPGs in general?
7) What are you up to now RPG-wise?

Cabin Con:once/year in the great white north of Michigan…actually not even in UP…the REAL BEST 4 Days of Gaming…not Gencon…

Joeseppie’s Rants: What’s bugs ya about DnD/RPGs in general? (Joe can’t rant on cue!!!)

The Gaming News:
Companies cut ties with Judge’s Guild owner after racist/antisemitic comments
One of the offending comments
Love Domain 5e issues

Shameless Plug (or lack thereof):
In our early episodes we were daft and failed to encourage our listeners to help us out.

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