13th Age Part 1: Icons and Setting

Biggus Geekus Podcast
Biggus Geekus Podcast
13th Age Part 1: Icons and Setting

Episode 70 Tuesday January 11, 2022

Call ins & Emails from the Outlands
1.) Call ins from Taylor of Clerics Wear Ringmail
2.) Discussion with live chat
3.) Industry news:
Champions of the Realm
Strixhaven Credit Omission
Removing slavery from TTRPGs
4.) Message from PedantryInMotion on twitter

Main Topic: 13thAge, Part 1
A.) 13thage by Rob Heinsoo & Jonathan Tweet (2013) Overview
· It is similar to dnd: race/class/level and it is a d20 rolling game
· Has plenty of supplements, free adventures
· Used to have organized play: Tales of the 13th age
· Has lots of free stuff available:
The Archmage Engine

B.) Layout and look

· 321pages, color and decent art, trying to find things for PC creation can be quite annoying and if you know 3.X
some confusion commences. It could use a good re-editing pass and a re-organization
· not the best of editing nor a good index
· useful charts and character sheet near pp.309-310

C.) Setting and Tone
· The setting is the Dragon Empire, and the icons are what make it tick.
· The quotes for each Icon, their allies and enemies, common knowledge, how they relate to the pcs (through the
Relationship Points- story game element/resource), and True Dangers.
· High Adventure setting
· The world contains 13 ages so far and that 13 is the default one
· World described vividly and rife with adventure in mind
· PCs are Big Damn Heroes from the jump.
· Wide open to individual interpretation and encouraged to make it your own
· No gods defined. But they discuss how you could do it if you want. (pp.196-199)
· The Land is a big flat disk with oceans all around
· The civilized area is the Dragon Empire, map purposefully incomplete
· The 7 Cities (p.260) are Icons’ centers of power, and a smattering of small towns.
· At least two possibilities are mentioned with many entries, not expected to follow canon. (EX: The Dire Wood
pp.264, and Gorogan’s Maw, pp.269)
· Some of the more exotic elements:
o The Living Dungeons pp. 265-66
o The Flying Realms pp.266-67
o Hellholes pp.269-70
o Migration Trail of the Koru Behemoths pp.272-74
o The Sea Wall pp.279-80
· The Overworld and Underworld are mentioned, but not given as much detail

Random Question: Do we need to rant?

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