D&D Through The Ages

Wednesday September 30th, 2020

We open with the usual intro and talk about the next session of Savage Worlds

The Gaming News:
1) Fans (with some help) have made the final episode of DnD cartoon: REQUIEM
2) Power Rangers RPG coming out soon (5e rules)
3) Hellboy RPG coming (5e rules)

Main Topic: Dungeons and Dragons though the Ages

Old DnD:
OD&D (1974-1977) + Greyhawk (’75)
Holmes Basic (77’), Moldvay Basic set (81’) and D. Cook’s Expert creates B/X
Mentzer’s BECMI (83’-85’)à Rules Cyclopedia (AARON Allston revised BECMI in 1991):

Advanced DnD:
1E AD&D (77’-79 all 3 core different years through 1989
2E AD&D (1989-2000) note: 2.5/Players Options (1995-2000):
3e DND (2000-2003) (WOTC) (4 yrs), 3.5 (2003-2007) (5 yrs)|
4e DND (2008-2010) (3 yrs) and 4.5 Essentials (2010-2014) (5 yrs)
5e DND (2014- present [2020])

Interesting Comparisons: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/13212/what-are-the-big-differences-among-the-dd-editions

A Cabin Con Moment
Favorite game this past Cabin con and why?

Sling’in M.U.D.D. (My Ultimate DnD)
Hit Points again

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